VW Westfalia Seat Wallet Up-cycled – Green

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Hand made from material used to re-upholster vintage VW Westfalia Buses, this beauty can stand up to abuse.  The Cuben interior is fashioned into four card pockets each capable of holding multiple cards.  The billfold has room for plenty of  bacon, the paper kind of course!


Win the battle of the bulge with our thin, leather-free wallets.1 billion animals like this product

Sorry guys size matters!  Thin is in! Kombi Life leather-free, VW wallets for men may be ultra- thin, just 1/4  of an  inch thin when folded, but they have supreme strength and keep their thin profile.   Notice the inside card slots for ID, ATM, and credit cards.  You can carry 8-10 cards and plenty of cash, and with their snap closure, they keep a thin profile.

Eco friendly wallet

We love air cooled Veedubs at Kombi Life so it made sense to us to make VW wallets.  These leather-free, VW vegan wallets are made from material used to reupholster VW Westfalia Campers.  We’re up-cycling and making these super thin, super durable VW wallets.
Tough enough for a Bus seat, it will soften with use.  The inside card slots are made from Cuben, a high performance, non- woven fabric for applications such as yacht sails, airship hulls, kites, and many designs that require extremely strong rip resistance and light weight. The money pocket is lined with vinyl.

Ain’t no hide in it, cool guys carry leather- free wallets!FREE-INTERNATIONAL-SHIPPING

Don’t believe that leather is a by-product of the meat industry that would only go to waste if it wasn’t used for things like wallets. Sorry to say that the meat producing industry just isn’t that green.  Animals endure cruel treatment on factory farms finally being slaughtered for their hides, and many harsh chemicals are used to process it. We aren’t saying we are out throwing paint on our meat eating brothers and sisters it’s just that the buying and selling of hides is something we don’t want to be a part of. The only bacon in our wallets is made from paper.  Make a statement  by carrying this thin, leather-free VW wallet that has the style and features you need and none of the bull you don’t!

We stand behind our thin, leather-free wallets!

We believe in doing the right thing.  We put our money where our mouth is and are happy to stand behind our product.  Each of our VW wallets are handmade with care.  We hope that you let us know how much you enjoy your wallet. If you ever find a problem let us know we promise to make it right.

 VW Westfalia Wallet

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3.25 × 0.25 in
VW Wallets

Kombi Life Approved, Leather-Free, Super Durable, Totally Unique, Uber Cool, Ultra-Thin, UpCycled, Vegan Certified, Handmade, Eco-friendly

Button Snap?

With Button, Without Button

Wallet Size

Rest of World Size (8% larger), US Bill Size

4 reviews for VW Westfalia Seat Wallet Up-cycled – Green

  1. Norman (verified owner)

    Great upcycling idea!! I love to use it.
    No place for coins but I like this little helper quite a bit

  2. Andrew McGill (verified owner)

    It’s a really nice wallet and goes perfectly with the same Westfalia green and yellow tartan in my 1971 kombi. I wanted to have an in-kombi wallet with some money for emergencies and this is perfect for that. Really pleased with the product and proud to support Kombi Life!

  3. Olivier (verified owner)

    Very nice wallet it’s been a year since I bought it and it handles very well

  4. Simon T

    LOVE IT – Thanks Kombi Life

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