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Those of you who like a good book to read are in for a real treat!  We save our best stories and advice for our books.

Contained with these pages is true gold; the information, advice, and stories that we couldn’t share via video format.  vehicle-dwelling-expert-guide


VEHICLE DWELLING: An Expert’s Guide to Nomadic Living

The Kombi Life complete expert’s guide to vehicle dwelling and nomadic living providing you with everything you need to know to achieve a happy and balanced life living off-grid and on the move.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking for short adventures in an RV or wanting to upgrade your lifestyle and pursue full-time van life, this comprehensive book guides you through everything from finding and customizing your rig, to how you can live a fulfilled and sustainable life out of a vehicle.

Size: 267 Pages of Essential Advice, Information, and Inspiration.

Format: eBook (14.3 Mb PDF) Full Color Photographic Edition

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OVERLANDING: South America (The Untold Story)

12 months of Overland Adventure Travel in South America.

This is one heck of a true story sharing what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling in South America during the Hasta Alaska Overland Expedition.

I (Ben) traveled overland through South America for 12 incredible months.  I had no idea what I was doing, and every bit of it scared me half to death.

When you read about some of the stuff that happened, you’ll understand why!

Size: 95+ Pages of inspiration.

Format: eBook (20 Mb PDF) Full Color Photographic Edition

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VEHICLE DWELLING: Complete Guide & Tutorial For Off-Grid Electrical Systems

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A Complete Guide to Mobile Off-Grid Electrical and Solar Systems for Vehicle Dwellers, including a Wiring Diagram & step-by-step tutorial.

This 3-part package helps you design and build a Custom Off Grid Mobile Electrical System to meet your individual power needs and budget.

It also helps you understand how you can connect it all together, how to ensure you build a safe and reliable system, and how you can get the most out of your Off-Grid system so it provides you with years of trouble-free nomadic living.

Size: 100+ Pages of Essential Technical Information, Tips and Advice,

Format: 3 x eBooks (6 Mb PDF) Full-Color Diagrams + Bonus Tool

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