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The Kombi Life project has been featured in both online media and print around the globe.

Our Unique Adventure Travel Series “Hasta Alaska” and Overlanding Around The World has reached over 55 Million People


If you wish to work with us to promote your brand, product, or service to our audience please read this before contacting us!


We are full-time filmmakers, content creators, and experts in social media marketing.  We do regularly work with brands to develop effective and engaging campaigns which are native and organic to our series.  However please note that we reject 99.9% of all branded content requests! 

We will only work with brands on campaigns that we believe fit natively and organically with our content and bring value to our audience.  If you do not fit this criterion please do not contact us for our services.

However, if you go with our flow, and you believe that adventure-loving, outdoor, travel enthusiasts are the type of people you wish to reach; then we know how to make your campaign a success, so shoot us a message, and let’s discuss how we can work together!

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California News

Viral Van Adventures – Fox News, Portland, OR

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Volkswagen USA Cover Kombi Life

FOX News – Masters of Mobile Home

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Alaska Public Radio

Podcast Example

The Smoking Tire


Examples of our writing style can be found here.  Please contact us if you’d like references and examples of previously publicized work or if you would like us to produce an article for you.



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More of our published work


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