A Winter in Baja California – Hasta Alaska – S04E06

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Winter…what winter?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a winter in Baja California?  For many this is a anual ritual! As the weather turns in the north, sun seekers head to the south following the twisty (and rapidly improving) highway down the Baja California peninsular.  This year we decided to join the movement and head to Mexico’s adventure playground, affectionately known as “Baja” by those north of the border.

This is the first of a 3 part video series called “The Baja Diaries” which make up a small but significant chapter of our 5 year overland expedition “Hasta Alaska” driving a VW Kombi from Chile Alaska.

In this episode we pick up a girl called “Tara” from the USA and we head down the first few hundred miles of Mexico’s Highway 1.  We also tackle a lot of Baja California’s infamous desert roads.

We spent 4 months of winter in Baja California, living a cheaply as possible and we spent a lot of time on the hunt for surf and adventure off the beaten track.  In these videos we aim to show you what life is like South of the Border in a land where Winter refuses to exist.

Volkswagen vs Toyota 🙂


How would Tara handle van life in the desert
Off Grid in Baja California

This is the part where we learnt the hard way how to navigate the desert roads of this incredible peninsular and also how to rescue our vehicle from the clutches of the Baja desert

van stuck in sand
I see the problem here…we’re digging at the wrong end!


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The Baja Diaries
The Baja Diaries gets even better in part 2
is it safe to travel to mexico
Is it safer to travel in Mexico or the USA? What do you think?