VAN LIFE SOLAR & OFF-GRID ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS – Complete Guide, Diagrams & Tutorial

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The Complete Guide to Mobile Off-Grid Electrical and Solar Systems for Van Life, including Full Printable Wiring Diagram & Step by Step Tutorial.

This 3 part package helps you design and build a Custom Off Grid Mobile Electrical System to meet your individual power needs and budget.

It also helps you understand how you can connect it all together, ensure that you build a safe and reliable system, and how you can get the most out of your Off-Grid system so it provides you with years of trouble-free camp adventures.100-percent-guarnateed


Size: 100+ Pages of Essential Time-Saving Information, Tips & Advice

Format: PDF eBook Downloads (6 Mb Total) Full Color, Including Diagrams, Photos, Bonus Tool & Video

Your Package Includes

  • 78-Page Guide to Mobile Off-Grid Electrical Systems
  • 30-Page Step by Step Tutorial
  • Full-Size Printable System Wiring Diagram
  • Free Battery Bank & Solar Array Sizing Too
  • Exclusive Discounts on Off-Grid Batteries


Complete Guide to Off-Grid Vehicle Electrical Systems


This comprehensive 3-part guide is here to help you understand, design, and assemble a Vehicle Electrical System to meet the demands of your Off-Grid lifestyle.

Whether you’re setting up an Off-Grid Office for full-time Nomadic Living or building a simple campervan for weekend van life, this guide provides you with all the necessary knowledge to build a mobile electrical system so that you can truly take your life off-grid and on the move.


how to build an van electrical system for off grid living


Understanding Mobile Off-Grid Electrical Systems


van life electrical system guide

Our 78-page Guide is here to help you obtain the key knowledge required to design and build your Off-Grid Vehicle Electrical System.

vanlife power calculator

Using our Free Power Calculator, we’ll guide you through how to calculate your power requirements, battery bank, and solar array size to match your personal lifestyle.

We’ll discuss the Best Battery Options and Recommended Gear for all budgets including huge reader-exclusive savings on Lithium battery banks; plus vital information to ensure you Build a Safe System by Correctly Sizing Cables, Fuses, and Breakers.

We’ll learn how to build the most efficient electrical system, examining all Battery Recharging technologies, including On-Grid, Off-Grid, and On The Move charging, plus all the required knowledge to Build an Effective Solar System for your adventure rig.

Finally, we’ll share everything you need to know about How to Maintain and Troubleshoot your Electrical System and how to Avoid Costly Mistakes so that your system provides you with sustainable off-grid power, wherever you wander.





To build your own system, it is mandatory to have a plan (otherwise known as a Wiring Diagram).
We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a complete system wiring diagram included in this package as a High Definition Printable Download.


Campervan-Electrical System Wiring Diagram





Once you’ve acquired the knowledge through our book and downloaded your Wiring Plan, we’ll guide you through the Building of your Electrical System in our Detailed 30-page step-by-step tutorial. Together we’ll build your vehicle in a Logical and Methodical way – eliminating all safety issues that can arise from a custom mobile power system.


Van Electrical System Step-by-step Guide and Tutorial


Your Package Includes

  • 78-Page Introduction to Mobile Off-Grid Electrical Systems
  • 30-Page Step by Step Tutorial
  • Full-Size Printable System Wiring Diagram
  • Free Battery Bank & Solar Array Sizing Tool
  • Exclusive Discounts on Off-Grid Batteries


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10 reviews for VAN LIFE SOLAR & OFF-GRID ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS – Complete Guide, Diagrams & Tutorial

  1. Soul (verified owner)

    I really wanted to build an off-grid set up myself, but I’m a total noob. This guide and diagram really helped me get my head around it earlier in the year, and I’ve now finished my build and I’m writing this review from my van in the AZ boondocks. 😀 Thanks for the help guys

  2. sal

    hi plz upload this book in amazon

  3. Chris P (verified owner)

    I’m building out my 144 Sprinter this year whilst laying low, ready to make the most of next season. I’m just coming back to say thanks, this electrical guide has been incredibly helpful and has actually saved me quite a bit of money too. Strongly considering Lithium now – that’s youra fault ?

  4. Marco

    Already read both of your other books and i found them also really good. This is also a great guide.
    Thank you so much, Marco

  5. Harris Williams (verified owner)

    This package is brilliant. I’ve done some 12v work, but this is my first major project. The guide has everything I needed to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and the diagram and tutorial gives me confidence to proceed. A time saving investment. Recommended!

  6. Greg Fraser (verified owner)

    This is a great introduction to van solar systems, I’m in the process of building my ambulance conversion and to be honest I was a little overwhelmed with the solar and battery options, this book helped me make some key decision and saved me a lot of time and confusion, thanks

  7. Heath Shaw

    This is an awesome book. After months of chat rooms and reading opinions from people that have not overlanded; I now have everything organized in 1 source / book. I wish I had found this book sooner. The layout and details are hugely benefiting my truck / trailer 12v system build.

  8. Stephen Perullo (verified owner)

    I bought the Mobile Electrical Systems & Off Grid Solar Guide and I love it! Very well written. I am an electrician by trade, and have never installed any solar projects(yet), but this guide is very logical, and understandable for the non tradesman. Great job guys! I would HIGHLY recommend this.

  9. Joseph (verified owner)

    I’m posting here for, Off Grid & On the Move e-book (there’s no button at the book page, only here) – anyways, I bought it for my son, but then I couldn’t stop reading it… it’s great value! A nomad’s treasure, easy to read with many great tips – a must have for the Adventure Traveler. I also very much enjoyed, Overlanding South America – worth also getting. Genuinely, Joseph Earth Spirit VW R&R Vancouver Island

  10. Steve

    With the real world experience to draw from this guide is a must has for potential van travel , well done and impressive.

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