Brazilian VW Bus ~ Full Tour

The Brazilian VW Bus (or Kombi) is pretty rare outside of South America.  Not everybody has the opportunity to see one so we shot this video to give you the opportunity to have a closer look at the differences of the Latin model.

This one is for the VW nuts – you know who you are 🙂

Host: Ten Foot Doug & Ben Jamin
Filmed by: Ben Jamin
Edited by: Leah Jade
Location: Video filmed at OCTO VW Show & Bugin VW Drag Day.


  • 1992 Brazilian Fleetline
  • Registered in Chile
  • Bough and converted into a camper by me in 2012 in Santiago Chile
  • Driven north to Alaska until 2016 when I (foolishly) gave it away
  • Original Engine: 1600 single port, single carb
  • Current Engine: 1600 dual port, Mexican FI (taken from a 2001 Mex Beetle)
  • Brakes: Front Disc (factory) rear drum
  • Tranny: it’s like a bug case, with a 4.3 R&P and bay bus nose cone – I think, I’m not certain on this.
  • Mileage: I took it around the clock 1 time, so 100,000kms (62,000 miles)
  • Front suspension: link / king pin system

Other interesting differences not mentioned in the video

  • The engine is only supported via 4 bolts to the transmission there is no additional cross-beam support.
  • The rear shelf of the engine bay can be removed, which I’ve had lots of practice doing 🙂
  • The tranny does have a fixed cross piece that is welded to the chassis – not sure if that is normal for a bay window


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