Insane Series Finale // Hasta Alaska

This Is It. The Final Season of Hasta Alaska!

The last 1000 miles of the Hasta Alaska Expedition were the most challenging of the entire journey when you join us for the Last Frontier you will see why!


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So…. We FINALLY arrived to Alaska. YAY! Then we had to leave again WHAT?! This is roughly how it went down…..

Hasta Alaska Season 5

Our Kombi broke down. Again. But this time, there was NO WAY we could fix it. It needed a new transmission and the one it needed was pretty rare and hard to find…

Hasta Alaska

So, we had to leave it all the way up here in Alaska over winter, alone…

The Last Frontier Hasta Alaska

So we had to find a way out of Alaska and luckily found a pretty sweet ride…

The Last Frontier Hasta Alaska

Even Alaska (the dog) thought it was pretty cool! Although she did miss the land and never quite learnt to pee on board the boat, bless her..

The Last Frontier Hasta Alaska Boat Life

After sailing back down to the Lower 48, Ben went back home to his small Island of Jersey while Alaska and Leah found a home in Vancouver, Canada.

We were reunited after 6 months apart…

Hasta Alaska Reunion

We were happy. But that didn’t last long and soon had to go through the pain and trouble of getting Ben’s Visa… He looks happy but trust us, it was a nightmare!

Hasta Alaska Visa Troubles

After that bad news, we heard some more bad news…. Hasta Alaska VW FIRE

Our Kombi caught fire, then our engine broke… again!

This is one heck of a Finale to one heck of an adventure. Binge Watch the Hasta Alaska Series Here


Hasta Alaska Travel Series


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