Alaska Road Trip Turns Into A Nightmare – Hasta Alaska – S05E02

Alaska Road Trip Dream Turns Into A Nightmare

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Our Alaska Road Trip turns in to a Nightmare when we run into a serious problem in Haines Alaska.

After 3.5 years of driving north from Chile we finally arrive in the State of Alaska. From salmon fishing to wild bears, we experience all of what rural Alaska has to offer and get to know the tiny town of Haines a little bit better.

But just when we think our adventure couldn’t get any better, our Alaska Road Trip Dream turns into a Nightmare!

This is part 2 of 2 of this story

Salmon Fishing In Alaska

Catching our very first Salmon after loosing many battles

Alaska Road Trip Nightmare

The sign that winter is coming, when the fireweed turns to seed

Alaska Road Trip Nightmare

The start of a complicated and frustrating series of events

Alaska Road Trip Nightmare

The Kombi Crew have to split up and part ways after the dream of getting to the arctic becomes destroyed

Alaska Road Trip Nightmare

Having to leave the Kombi for the first time since starting this trip back in Chile

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