Free Camping in Baja California – Hasta Alaska – S04E08

Free Wild Camping and Adventure in Baja California…what are you waiting for?

In contrast to it’s norther neighbor it’s easier to find free wild camping in Baja California than it is to find paid campsites!

Those of you who are following our 5 year journey, “Hasta Alaska“, from Chile to Alaska will know that our style of travel is a little more spartan than most would like, but believe me, we were not the only ones touring the Baja back-country.

A typical Free wild camping set up, occupied by Canadians living the dream and escaping winter
free camping baja california
Adventure Ready – Baja is not just for the young, look at these two nomads and their freedom vessel enjoying LIFE 2.0


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There is free wild camping locations, or should I say wild-camping locations all over the Baja peninsular.  Some of them have see incidences in the past, but all the travelers that we met, said

that they felt safe traveling in both Baja California Norte and Sur.

You will find the highest concentration of tourists camping on the beaches in the south west and safety can be found in numbers.  A word of warning though, there are no “facilities” here, so you need to be self-suffcient with a bathroom or a shovel.  The beach is in nicest conditino Oct – Mid December.

The east cape, around Cabo Pulmo is much quieter with less tourists, this is the raw Baja California Sur.

Know before you go
is it safe to travel to mexico
Is it safer to travel in Mexico or the USA? What do you think?


The main problem is that you will find it hard to head north again.


In this, the third part of The Baja Diaries, we are taking you Off-Grid in Baja California. In the south of the peninsular we discover that we are not the only nomadic souls skipping winter. In fact we suspect that half the population of Canada can be found in Baja California over winter.

We personally prefer to find our own slice of paradise though, so in this episode we show you just how good life can be in the remotest parts of Baja California.  After driving the entire length of the peninsular, twice we have face the music and deal with some trouble of our own making.

free camping baja california
Paddling out to this shrimp boat to ask for dinner and catching a wave back in was probably one of my favorite memories from our Baja trip


At this point I’ve probably spent as much time living in the mechanic shop as I have in the beach in Mexico


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Watch our Baja Series and of what happened to us when we headed into the Mexican desert