Cheap California Road Trip – Hasta Alaska – S04E04

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Subscribe to our Free YouTUBE channel and never miss an episode!


Is it possible to have a cheap California Road Trip?  What about on our usual budget of just $10 per day?

In this episode of the Hasta Alaska expedition we are taking you on a classic Californian road trip and trying to answer that very question.

We’ll show you where we sleep, how we eat and what free adventures we can find in the central California and Big Sur region.

Let’s go exploring 🙂

Best Hot Spring in California
Getting clean with the help of Big Sur’s Hot Spring and a Peruvian Street Dog
Eno Double Nest Hammocks
The day Eno Sent us a bunch of Double Nest Hammocks was a very good day indeed
Adam from Our Open Road was not content with sending us off with just sage travel advice, he also gave us a wetsuit for the northern Cali waters and new skateboard – what a legend!\

Check out Adam and Our Open Road
(awesome blog and instagram)

Returning from the hike very hungry, and tired…well some of us at least


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