British Columbia Road Trip – Hasta Alaska – S04E11

British Columbia Road Trip

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In this episode of Hasta Alaska we finally arrive in Canada and attempt to road trip across British Columbia on a budget.

British Columbia didn’t disappoint us and heading to Vancouver Island to explore was a great idea, if a little expensive. In this episode we are picking up more travelers and seeing what fun we can have in BC on a budget.

We’re visiting Vancouver Island, Tofino, Vancouver city and Whistler before heading on to Alberta.

Thanks for sharing the adventure with us!

BC does it stand for “Bring Cash” or “Beautiful Country” …probably both.
Making our own fun in BC Nature
Tofino BC
Tofino BC
Finding free camping on Vancouver Island an be a challenge
This world war II plane crashed in the Tofino rain forest made for an unforgettable hike


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