BANNED FROM THE USA – Hasta Alaska – S05E6

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Of all of the challenges that you would face after 4 years on the road, who would have thought we could be stopped by this?

Imagine buying an old VW Bus and attempting to drive across the world.

The world's largest salt flat, Bolivia

Imagine sharing that VW Bus for FREE with hundreds of people that you met on the road.

Keeping us sharing with strangers

Imagine having to remove and repair your engine not once, but 10 times!.thumbnail-1

Imagine having to learn how to fix it yourself, under a tree, in the middle of nowhere.

KL Favs-17

Imagine driving over 50,000 miles

troubled times Bolivia

 Imagine all of the lives you could touch along the way.


Imagine filming it all and working every minute of your life for FREE, so that you can share the adventure and inspire people all around the world.

The Kombi Life videos are filmed and produced by whoever we happen to be with at the time.

Imagine arriving in Alaska after 4 years of difficult driving!Arriving in Alaska after 4 years of driving since Chile

Imagine then realizing that you now have to replace the gear box with only 1,139 miles to go to the finish line.


Imagine having to leave your travel buddy, after 1300 days together… and then travel all the way from remote Alaska to London, just to ask for permission to finish the trip.


Imagine, after all of that, being told NO, ACCESS DEINED! You are not allowed a visa and you cannot finish your trip!

Road to Nowhere

Imagine your adventure mobile stuck in a place that you cannot get back to, because a piece of paper is stopping you!

Here Lies Co'Pito
In need of a miracle.


This trip has turned out to be a much bigger challenge than I ever anticipated, and I truly couldn’t have done it without your support –

So a HUGE thanks to everyone who played a part in helping make the Hasta Alaska project possible!

Sticking to the rules and still getting burnt!

See what else the TV News had to say about us in Alaska:

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