1000 Days in 1 video – The Story So Far

Crossing The Americas – 1000 days Traveling Overland  on the Pan-American Highway

Traveling the longest road in the world, the Pan-American Highway is no small challenge.  Dramas, adventure and unforgettable situations are guaranteed for anyone who attempt it.  Those of us who tried it in a classic vehicle will agree that the dramas can be doubled again.

We filmed this adventure so those of you at home who are planning to do this trip, or those of you who are currently unable to do it can see what it is like to undertake a journey of this magnitude


This is a great way to catch up if you’ve missed part of the story and also to show your mates why they should be following our travel series too.


This highlights video attempts to squeeze 3 years of overland and van life adventure into one epic video….and that’s easier said than done!

It’s been a crazy journey so far and there is lots more to come, make sure that you’re subscribed to Kombi Life so that you can see what happens next!


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