The New Owner of our Kombi is….

We decided to pay forward our Kombi to one of the supporters of our project

Check out the video to see who will be the next owner.



ENGINE: 1600cc Aircooled ~ 50,000kms (30,000 miles)

TRANSMISSION: New in June 2016

INTERIOR: Refurbished in June 2016

EXTERIOR: PAINTED in 2014 (minimal rust)


westfalia seats




We want to say THANKS to the people who donate to keep our project alive so when we finish road tripping creating our travel series, we will randomly select one of YOU to be the new owner of our Famous VW Bus

Doing this will also allow us to raise some money for charity, which we will be spending on worthy causes during our next project.

This is a HUGE step for us as our home is the only thing of value that we have in the whole world!



We closed the list of supporters on the 30th September 2016. Grant, the new owner was selected (by random) in October 2016.  Grant has quit his job, sold his house and is on the way to collect the Kombi).  We will be working with Grant to transfer the ownership and hand over the keys.  It’s a complicated process so we appreciate your understanding and patience whilst we work through it.  The whole process will be documented and will be the subject of the last episode of the Hasta Alaska Series which we expect to be produced and live some time in Summer 2017 (hopefully).


For each buck that the supporters of our project put into the gas tank, we will give you one chance to win the bus.  The chance to be the next owner of our Kombi is not open to everyone, only the supporters of our Project.


We’re trying to set a good example and inspire other travelers to do as much good as possible, even if you don’t have a lot to give. We are saving 25% of the money generated from the support of Hasta Alaska to pay-forward to good causes that we meet on our travels.  This will all be filmed and documented as part of the next Kombi Life project.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each supporter will have one chance to win the Bus for each donation of $1 US that was donated to Kombi Life during the project.
2. The new owner will be selected at random from the list of supporters and is to take place at the end of the adventure – List closes on September 30th 2016, selection happening (October 2016)
3. If you are selected, you will do your best to treat the Kombi right, wont you 🙂
4. The lucky person(s) will be responsible for collecting the Bus from North America, unless delivery is requested*
5. The participant is to follow the adventure on social media for further details.
6. It is understood that the lucky new owner is following the journey (see 5); it is also assumed that you understand that a change of ownership is in good faith and that ownership of the Bus is to be made on a ‘transferred as seen’ basis (you will have already viewed the love and attention paid to the Bus).

7. Title and ownership will be legally transferred via Power of Attorney (bill of sale) it will then be the responsibility of the winner to arrange importation and registration in the country of your choosing.

8. All costs associated with the transfer are the responsibility of the new owner.
9. The present owner of the vehicle, the Facebook and Kombi Life web site managers, administrators or advisers, are exempt from any liability whatsoever in respect of this event, the transfer of the vehicle to the new owner or their resulting ownership and use.

10. If the new owner sells the Kombi, the vehicles previous owners (Kombi Life) must be given first right of refusal to purchase the vehicle at a fair market price.

*If required, delivery can be requested on the understanding that the cost of the delivery is the responsibility of the winner.  Kombi Life will not be responsible for any costs associated with change of ownership or delivery.