Van Life Kitchen // Stove and Cooker Options for Mobile Living

Stove and Cooker Options for Campervans

Cooking on the road can be some of the most memorable moments of mobile living, especially if you set up your mobile kitchen with a cooker to suit your vehicle and lifestyle.

We’ve spent a lot of time living in different vehicles and also spent a lot of time around other nomads, so we know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to the perfect stove/cooker set up for vehicle dwelling.

Here is a list of the best and most popular camping cookers.  We’ve included options for all budget ranges and also listed the specs and benefits of each one. We suggest that you read the reviews and compare prices to see which ones will suit your needs.

Note: Remember to always have ventilation when cooking with gas inside your vehicle and keep a propane detector in your vehicle for safety.

*Edited with European Campervan Cooker Options

Van Life Kitchen


Single burner (portable)


Single burners are going to be a lot more compact and easy to store if you have a smaller vehicle and traveling light.  They’ll do the job if you tend to be more of a weekend warrior and happy with making simpler meals.

(Although there are a tonne of 1 pot wonder recipes for you to experiment with)

Electric Options

Electric cookers are great for cooking in your van or motorhome as it doesn’t produce wet heat and cause condensation as propane does. Some of these cookers are recommended to use if you spend a significant time plugged into AC. We have listed cookers that range from using 600w to 1500w power. You’ll need to build yourself a kick-ass off-grid electrical system before you can run one of these in your van

Chefs Star Portable Cooktop

Van Life cooking

Reviews and prices on Amazon

 Check out the European 200 – 2000 Watt Option 

  • 15 power levels ( 200 – 1800 Watts ) | 15 temperature settings 
  • Touch digital control panel | Built-in count-down digital timer 
  • Compatible with induction-ready cookware ( cast aluminum iron and steel | stainless steel with a magnetic bottom | or cast iron )
  • Safety features include being equipped with a pan detection system 
  • 120V / 60Hz AC / ETL & FCC approved 

NESCO Portable Cooktop

Reviews and Prices via Amazon

  • Five power settings for just the right temperature
  • 1500w- Best used if connected to AC power
  • Heats up faster than traditional gas or electric
  • Cools faster and with almost instant heat adjustment
  • Super energy efficient
  • Works with all ferrous metal cookware like cast iron, stainless steel but not aluminum or some aluminum-clad bottom hardware


NuWave Titanium CookTop


Prices range from $140 on Amazon

European Prices and Review

  • Adjustable control for watt output. You can set it for 600, 900, or 1800 watts when different power needs are desired or needed
  • Very convenient. PIC Titanium now has a new delayed shutoff feature. If you remove your cookware from the cooktop, you can replace it on the cooktop’s surface within 10 seconds and continue cooking without needing to restart
  • Extremely precise 5-degree temperature increments – More temperature control


Dual Electric Induction Cooktop

Most people will want a 2 burner stove.  We recommend this one as it’s compact, sits flush in the worktop, and is very efficient

Check it out on Amazon

ENERGY SAVER: This portable heavy duty 120v 1800w electric induction cooktop makes cooking easier and faster. It cooks food by using electromagnets so no heat is lost between the cooking surface and the pot which makes it highly energy efficient.  You’ll need to run this off your inverter.  We discuss the importance of a PSW Inverter in our free comprehensive van electrical guide

Van Sized Microwave

At only 600W this microwave is compact and can run on most inverters without killing your battery bank.

Very useful for heating water, and cooking a variety of meals.  It’s no wonder that more and more vehicle dwellers are cooking on microwave power

Available super cheap on Amazon 


van Life electrical and Solar Guide


Gas Options

The single burners are a good option if you spend most of your free time hiking and exploring away from your vehicle because they are a lot smaller and easier to carry around.

Coleman Single Burner

Cheap Single Burner Option from $20.81Reviews and Prices on Amazon

Coleman Bottle Top Stove$34.99

  • PerfectFlow™ technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PerfectHeat™ technology for more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • Burner and base separate from propane bottle for compact, easy carrying
  • An adjustable burner gives you precise temperature control
  • Wind baffles help protect your burner from wind for maximum heat

IMPORTANT FOR EUROPE: If your looking for a cheap Single Burner in Europe check out the Campingaz Stove

JetBoil Single Burner

JetBoil on Amazon ranges from $79-$160 with fuel and accessories

REI or Amazon has them for $99.95

  • Cooking cup with insulating cozy
  • Adjustable burner, Match ignition
  • Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
  • Compatible with all Jetboil accessories.
  • Included Fuel Canister Stabilizer
  • Pot Support and Jetpower fuel are sold separately

Texsport Single Burner

van life cooker options

Budget Price on Amazon

  • Square shaped pot holder with wind baffles
  • Adjustable burner provided up to 5,000 BTUs
  • The metal socket injector valve fits either 16.4 oz. or 14.1 oz. disposable propane cylinder 
  • Burns 3-1/2 hours at maximum setting
  • Pressure regulator brass valve




Check out the Campingaz Single Burner on Amazon

Heavy-Duty Option


GasOne Outdoor Camp Stove

First, check out customers’ reviews on this product –  Amazon

European Option

  • 65,000 BTU of cooking power/boils water up to twice the speed than other brand’s standard burners
  • Portability with removable legs
  • Fully adjustable heat-control knob
  • CSA Certified regulator included for use with propane tank



complete guide van life and off grid living



2 burner (portable)

Coleman Classic 2 Burner

cooker options

Selling on Amazon – $50 (approx) 

Coleman Store – $69.99 

European Option – Coleman PETROL Stove

We had this stove for years throughout our Pan-American journey. It was sturdy and gave us no issues. The only thing we had to keep replacing was the bronze gas connector/regulator.

  • Wind Block™ panels help shield burners from wind and adjust for various pan sizes
  • PerfectFlow™ technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PerfectHeat™ technology for more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • 2 independently adjustable burners give you precise control for 2 temperature zones
  • The durable, chrome-plated grate is removable for easy cleaning
  • Aluminized steel cooktop for durable rust-resistance
We prefer our cooker to be portable and our Van Life Kitchen to be outdoors

Coleman Stove and Grill

cooker options

Compare Prices on Amazon

European Option Stove with Toaster

  • 2-in-1 design so you can use the grill and stove at the same time
  • Wind Block™ panels help shield burners from wind or fold down for use as side tables
  • PerfectFlow™ technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PerfectHeat™ technology for more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • 2 independently adjustable burners give you precise control for 2 temperature zones
  • Removable grease management tray for easy cleaning with less spillage
  • Non-skid feet let you stir pots and pans with ease
  • Aluminized steel cooktop for durable rust-resistance

Slide-In or Drop In Cook Top

If you are keen to install a cooker in your vehicle you will either need a drop-in or a slide-in system. Both require you to modify your kitchen or countertop to install it.

They should come with specifications and instructions so make sure you check to see if the size is the right fit for your kitchen both width as well as height. You need to allow for space below the cooker. Also, have in mind space for your gas lines and gas bottle.

All burners range in price and size


Atwood 2 Burner Stove Top


cooker options


List of Prices and Customer Reviews on Amazon

  • DROP-IN COOKTOP – Stylish lightweight drop-ins designed for when weight restrictions and tight space are a concern
  • The two-burner features one 7200 BTU burner with a large, oval grate and one 5200 BTU burner with a standard circular grate
  • The three-burner features one 7200 BTU burner with a large, oval grate and two 5200 BTU burners with circular grates
  • A cover with wind guards is also available as a special order
  • The two-burner features one 7200 BTU burner with a large oval grate and one 5200 BTU burner with a standard circular grate


Installing Copper Propane Pipes in a van
Need some help improving your vehicle propane system, we can help you build a propane system for your van


Drop-In Cooktop with Sink


Product Dimensions and Reviews on Amazon

Camper Stove Top and Sink with Glass Lid



Technical Details and Specs on Amazon 

Single Burner Gas Stove with Sink and Folding Faucet



 Specs and Details on Amazon


Luxury Oven and Stove

If you have the space in your van you can have the luxury of a full oven and 3 burner stove.  This would be our recommendation if you are going to be living on the road full time

Full Details on Amazon


How to build a propane system safely for hot water and heating in your vehicle


Other sites that have Built-In and Slide-In Cookers:



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