SmartPhone Vlogging of the FUTURE

Smartphone vlogging is becoming more and more popular so we were excited when we recently had the chance to test our travel vlogging skills with the DJI OSMO MOBILE, we were given access to this awesome piece of kit before it was released and created 2 videos to show you a Behind The Scenes look at how we create our Adventure Travel Videos.

We don’t usually film with a smartphone, so this was a first for us.  The video was shot with a borrowed iPhone 6.

Do you film or vlog with a SmartPhone?

What do you think of Smart Phone Vlogging and the OSMO MOBILE?

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  • Stabilized images are much more professional when stabilized
  • Much higher production value
  • Active Track feature can be very useful.
  • Portable & light weight
  • Future proof – Can be used with next generation smart phones


  • Battery power – 4.5 hours (estimated) isn’t enough for a full day shoot.
  • We had the DJI OSMO MOBILE on charge at all times when we weren’t shooting, to record the Day in The Van Life video above.
  • Video Quality – Current generation SmartPhones still cannot compete with even entry level DSLRs.


If all you shoot with is your smartphone and want to take your videos to the next level, you need the OSMO MOBILE in your life.

For us, we see it’s application, but as cool as the stabilized image is, we still prefer the quality of the picture from our main camera for the majority of the shooting we do here at Kombi Life.  That’s nothing against the OSMO, it’s more about the smartphone.

For sure we will be using the OSMO MOBILE in our future videos for the Kombi Life YouTUBE Channel, to help share our adventures from as many interesting angles as possible, but only when and where we think the gimbal will help us share the story better than our other equipment.

Let us know your thoughts below.

DISCLAIMER  – This video and content is our own honest opinion and is not paid for by DJI.


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