Sailing Pacific Ocean and Remote Canada

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In our last episode of our adventures at sea we are sailing the pacific ocean in some serious insane waters!

This Hasta Alaska sailing adventure takes us from remote Canada out to the open water of the Pacific Ocean. We’re tackling the craziest water we’ve ever seen exploring remote British Columbia on a 45′ sailboat, stopping at Bishops Bay hot springs, and the abandoned Butedale Cannery before tackling some seriously insane water of the coast of Vancouver Island. Eventually we take on the open ocean and sail down the West coast of the USA facing the full swell of the Pacific Ocean.


Sailing Pacific Ocean

Sailing Pacific Ocean Waters


Sailing Canada

Abandoned Butedale Cannery


Sailing Canada

Bishops Bay


Sailing Remote Canada

Remote Hot Springs at Bishops Bay


Sailing Pacific Ocean

Night Shift after 4 days straight sailing


The tired crew after the relentless swaying and bobbing from sailing open waters


Sailing Pacific Ocean



Sailing Pacific Ocean

Captain Alaska finally getting her seas legs


Sailing Pacific Ocean

Alaska can smell that we are approaching land


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