Boat Life – Sailing Alaska Adventure

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Our 3 part Sailing Alaska Adventure begins after we are forced to abandoned our Kombi in Alaska and find a rideshare out of Haines, via a 45 foot sail boat that we found on Craigslist.

Join us for an all new episode of Hasta Alaska as we learn about life on-board and explore South East Alaska, experiencing some stunning scenery, remote hot springs and trying to find our sea-legs.


Sailing Alaska

“Aye Aye Captain” – Ben and Alaska getting ready for Boat Life

Sailing Alaska

The beginning of our Alaska Sailing Adventure on our new home: The Commodore Murray

Sailing Alaska

Leah trying on the survival suit during our overboard drill – Don’t think they make them in a small size

Sailing Alaska

It wasn’t long before Little Alaska missed the land

Sailing Alaska

“Captain Jordan”

Sailing Alaska

Ben learning a thing or two about crab fishing

Sailing Alaska

A remote Hot Spring Spa on a secluded Island in the middle of Alaska. Paradise!

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