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Right now we are in post production of the Hasta Alaska series.  We are in Mexico, working really hard to produce the videos that we’ve been filming.

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Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 3:20pm

WE DID IT! Today we reached 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

Given that we started the channel without a camera or laptop, learnt how to make videos from watching YouTube itself and edited all our vids in the back of a VW Bus, we're pretty stoked about reaching this HUGE milestone!

Thanks for joining us on the journey and thanks to our Patrons for helping make this happen!

#100KSubscribers #YouTubers

Patty Skinner You've inspired me. I'm selling my house quitting my job fixing up my v-dub and me and my 3 dogs are hitting the road. Just can't say thanks enough to you. Hopefully I'll run into you someday
Justin Barry How about that time you said you planned to give away the bus. How did that go
Chris Hoover Awesome - next 1 MILLION! I would not be surprised.
Sergio Damian Verdejo Hey Ben how old is Alaska now....
Jehu Garcia Congrats on 100k!
John Rosenberger How much to subscribe
Jason Kill Well done Ben! Not surprised though, you entertain, you inform, you make us laugh and we feel for you in the low times.You inspire us and help us dream. All through great filming, editing and being honest. Thank you for taking us on the journey and sharing the adventures. Amazing work Kombi Crew!
Steve Wälchli About time! I'm surprised it took so long with the quality content. Watched since the beginning, looking forward to travels never ending.
Alex J Pearce I'm stoked ,I'm so happy for the 3 of AWESOME!!!! Keep up the awesome adventure...
Peter Mahler Your channel is much better than some of the ones that have gone Hollywood like sailing la vagabon they sold out
Richard Mulder Congratulations Ben and thanks for sharing the adventures
Tjay Sughrue Awesome achievement. Happy for ya, and thanks for all your hard work and sharing your adventures with us.
Urvi Sodha Need to be on trip with you guys and say hasta lavista to everything else
Emily Jane Huge congratulations you guys!
Rich Toponce Thanks for allowing us to follow
Brian Zibilich Hell to the yes!!!!
Max Nicolai Quite the milestone! Followig since the beginning
Ramblin' Dawgs WOOO! Congrats!
Christopher Camacho Like!
Heather Teles Yaaaay knew it would happen!
Holly Reed 🙆
Jim Arnesen Had a 68 Ford Econoline with a raisable screened window roof. Got 335,000 miles before I sold her. Great memories and places.
Nicholas Reed To bad your more worried about getting likes and more money so you can travel that you forgot the trip wasn't about money. Now if someone doesn't donate to your cause you completely ignore them. Was a huge fan but now all I see is two people trying to start a business....
Bonnie Middleton Well done guys! Hope things are starting to fall into place for your next adventure! 😀
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 1:02pm

Decisions decisions...🤔
What would be your ultimate adventure vehicle?

Dave Brown
Cspitan Oceano SAILBOAT!!! ⛵️
Dave Depasque I lived out of my Land Rover military lightweight in the 90's, it took me all over North America, although a long wheelbase is more comfortable it can't compare to an 88" off road, so id keep what I've got, although for some reason the steering wheel has moved farther back, it hits my beer belly now, I didn't have ths t problem 20 years ago!
Chris Hoover My 81 Westy took me all up and down and across Baja faithfully and on some very sketchy roads. Newer is better in my view but always gonna depend on the mechanics and condition of the vehicle.
Nicolas Beaudoin Dodge Ram pickup with cummins diesel engine with a truck camper box on it... that set up will bring you all around the spot!!!
Will Porter This is my dream adventure mobile, if only I had the funds.
Ivano Cascone If I had to take one I would take the most home-like, has most service history and maybe even getting inspected by inspectors or trusty mechanic...
Karina Skegg Dormobile!!! Beautiful top lights. Flexible interior for any potential rainy moments.
Alex J Pearce Any vw van really.there just cheaper to run. And already proven to go pretty much anywhere.
Carmen Calco If I was going to add to my stable, it would be a full blown Synro.
Jeff Demuynck
Philip Mamedyarov
Andy Smith
Carole Pleasants
Koole Meadows T2 Westfalia with a Helsinki interior, like ours! 😊💚
Karen Lackey Hightop!
Tamas Langley T3 totally!! 😉
Paul Spray For social media appeal, I'd say the bay window westy. It's just far more photogenic than the T3. Parts for a Brazilian T25 could be difficult. Parts wise, a 1600cc T1 motor trumps the later 1700,1800 and 2000cc T4 motors fitted to the bays. The T3 syncro is a very capable van, but do have a reputation for engine issues.
Sandor Lengyel Are you limiting yourself to VWs? Pre-DEF sprinter? Older Diesel 4x4 truck with camper? I know you are great at removing VW engines now, but some of the older style diesels would prob be great for international travel. Especially on a more robust truck chassis.
Julie Brown T25 vanagonsynchro for sure!
Jason Kill Personally T2 westfallia on left. Best interior of any van ever made. That said for real off roading the T25 as a Synchro is amazing. If you haven't already done so check out campervan culture for more
Andres Natalino something with a 4x4 and place to sleep ….can they convert a vw van for that?
Jacob King I'd love to do an mTDI conversion on one of those watercooled Brasillian T2s 🙂
Dieter Deschacht T3 multivan westfalia syncro. Gets you everywhere and a T3 has more space to live in.
George Schissler Vanagon for comfort and driveability, BUT you already know all the maintenance and repair on a bay. Knowledge is key!
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 12:14pm

Stressful Times!

We've been a bit quiet recently and haven't been churning out as many episodes as we would like this past month. There is a reason for that.

We are fast approaching a huge transition in Kombi Life. Grant (the new owner) will be coming over to collect the Kombi, we will be homeless, we need to find a new vehicle, and a place to restore & prepare it. We also need to plan the next project which will be a huge undertaking. We’re doing all this far from the support of family and friends.

We are balancing Visa problems where we constantly have to move around the map. We're trying really hard to figure out a way to make Kombi Life sustainable, namely what value can we provide to you our audience that is worth you paying for as giving away everything we do for free works sometimes, but not at times like this when we need to invest in a new project.

We're currently trying to update our website, expand our shop and finish an ebook to help other people wishing to live a similar...

Keli Stockbridge You could probably double your YouTube income with strategic video thumbnails....can't help but notice anything with a ladies bum on seems to get a lot more views lol 😜
Alex J Pearce No matter where or what project your working on my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you,ben,leah and Alaska, not to mention all of your supporters,I already got the van and dog Zow'e,girlfriend as well and were looking forward to doing the same,in prep stages on the van now. Almost forgot already have a couple cameras and a gopro....getting ready for our adventure
Moritz Jung InGer Where will your future plans lead to?
Pat Kennedy ~6-7 months and your friend still hasn't claimed his bus
Rodrigo Heckel Where will you go? Asia or Africa?
Andres Natalino What about Kombi life in Australia?
Celia Skala I will miss Copito 😭
Al Pascual I don't have cable and your show at YouTube is the only thing I watch. Cannot wait for the next season. So well produced and makes me dream of my next adventures. Thanks guys
Renatu Bonfim 🙂 you guys are inspiration to me ... soon I wil travel too ..but I have to wait some responses regarding visa too ... right Raquel Santana <3 ??
Koole Meadows Just take your time, everything will fall into place eventually. Nobody can rush life, rush adventure or rush travels so no need to rush yourselves! 😊✌🏻️
Tamara Buckingham-Spray It will all come together for you- in perfect timing. All the best. Looking forward to the next part of your adventure, with or without a kombi..
Simon Olley I'm easy.Look forward to installments when it suits you.
Ben Pazdernik Silver Play Button Time!!!! Congrats! We're shooting for that in 2018.
Heather Teles Hey we're in it for the long haul! Don't stress yourselves. What good would this whole journey and the content of your videos be if you weren't enjoying yourselves out there? We trust that you're doing your best. Hoping that you don't forget to enjoy this amazing adventure! And that's not to say that we don't realize all of the hard work that you guys put in. Awesome stuff as usual! Sooo don't want the hasta Alaska project to end but looking forward to your next one.
Ramblin Roam Ill miss him but hope whatever you roll in next runs better And sign me up for an adventure.
Rennie Wible It still sounds better than the 9-5 monotony!
Barbara Rainey Sending good thoughts your way.
TenFoot Doug Good luck 👍🚌😀
Tom Summers Stick with a kombi, bro! It's you. It's your brand. Those folks who drive other vehicles don't know what they don't know, and that is fine. But nobody asks "what year is your bus, man?" when you're driving a Ford or Isuzu. And then they tell you their life story. You know I'm right, because it happened to us just the other day.
Grant Earl Try a Chevrolet or Ford 4x4 van. You could have saved thousands with all the money you spent on rebuilding the Kombi engines. The fuel tank and the full-size vans holds more gas. You can haul more items or cargo. Your gas mileage we will be about the same. Just a thought.
Scott Haskins Soak up Baja, drink in every drop. My fav place on earth after the spot my wife stands on. Good luck guys and give Alaska an ear squidge from us. Xx
John Patterson Dude, get an izuzu box truck...mine has run for 12 years no problems up til now and i got it already well used.... (i'm finally doing some brake work on a leaky yeah i had to get a job....)
Bill Kenney And the next symphonic arrangement from the world's smallest violin is,,,,?
Lonneke van de Pas-Boons Steven Zwerink, jullie weten toch 2 busjes die te huur zijn?
Kelly Seitz Well done guys !
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 2:26pm

Camping comfort decreases from left to right in this photo 🤔

Thanks for the pic Go Big Emma

Maxime Dumont But style increases...
Ian Lo Where is that taken ??
Giuseppe Corrocher Dove vai con quel furgone
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaSunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 6:30pm

BTS - You wouldn't believe how difficult it can be just to find somewhere quite enough to record narration.
So I made a Behind The Scenes video about narration and the challenges of of producing our show from a vehicle. Only available via Patreon.

Join us and become a Kombi Crew Insider to help us make better videos more frequently.

Louis Gonzalez Well.. the Zoom mics ARE super-sensitive as well.. hehe
Simon Olley "moonbase 1 this is Alpha....woo woo wooo"
Armando Costantino We have the same sound device but with a clip on mic, it save a lot of time 🙂
William G Moore Jr So no gunfire in the back ground?? Keep down- stay on the n coast.


Follow the adventures of the world’s most adventurous dog

See the journey from a different perspective!


K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 3:46am

🐕🐾🐾... errrr, Hola........IS THERE ANYBODY THERE....
#whereiseveryone #dogslovecompany

Dorothy Middleton Hill We are still here Ben how do I see you on u tube and do I have to pay not to good with technology stuff but 70 this year so sure you can forgive me love AD xxx
Korastel Nuogred when you start Africa adventure tour ?
Familia Jewgeniuk Que belleza quiero tener una manada asi...
Kathleen Hinegardner Oh Yeah !
K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 4:57pm

🐕🐾 I'm just too excited to keep still....look at all these awesome VW's next to my kennel on wheels!!

Jason Kill Will really miss seeing Co'Pito when he moves on to other travels. Definitely the most unusual kombi and character I have seen 😢
Familia Jewgeniuk hermosa Bebe,linda como siempre,.las kombi no estan nada mal..
Alex J Pearce Looks good guys
Ellen Bannister Barbara Philbin Gouyet one of yours
K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeWednesday, April 19th, 2017 at 3:13pm

🐕🐾 Mmmmm, Sweet Dreams everypawdy.

Vicki Burroughs What a sweetheart💚
William G Moore Jr the sugar dog n dad wants to meet you guys- Big Pizza and weeks of free dry camp in the desert n of town.
Dorothy Middleton Hill She so loverly give her a hug from me 💜💛💚😊xx
Mark Harris Night night cutie! 😘
K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeTuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 9:46am

🐕🐾 It's always good to have a good friend around when theres a chill in the air!
#hammocktime in the #wilderness #dogsandpals

Mark Harris Cutie pie! 😍
K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeSaturday, April 15th, 2017 at 9:18am

🐕🐾 Satisfying Saturday; with memories of our first trip to the Californian coast.
My human has condensed several months of footage into the next video. If you need a smile check out the link on Hasta Alaska
#theopenroad #adventuredog