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Bev Woodbridge One of our trips up the NSW coast saw us needing some mechanical help. We both had pretty well paid jobs and in our fifties. We were refused the help because "kombi people don't pay!" We were then not allowed to fill up our own tank at a self serve because apparently Kombi owners drive off without paying. The owner of the petrol station ran out to the van before we could even take the petrol cap off!
Fraser West Nomadic adventurers fits better, thanks for inspiring us. Maybe someday the world will catch up and the stereotypes for kombies will die!
Antonio Stanton I always try to talk to people about fishing, so they dont think I'm just smoking pot around the country.
Kathleen Hinegardner Or you can be enterprising young people enjoying life. Enjoy what you are doing and have fun at it.
David Anthony Smith I just wouldn't tell anyone shit about my situation when buying groceries or paying for campsites , I would just tell most land anchors that I am just travelling to visit my sick dying parent in another state or some such , I say bugger their curiosity, but hey more power to anyone living a fear free life , good on you 🙂
Celia Skala No way Ben, what u have been doing is the real meaning of living. I am trapped in the Matrix.
Josh Berger Your level of patience through all of your engine rebuilds is legendary.
Morgan Mains 8. That you'll somehow end up living down by a river.
Larry Brown It's ok to live a life others don't understand
Shane Ness Heard all of it on numerous occasions. Water of a "dirty hippies" back now-a days. I put my Kombi in to get some work done and the bloke, who I might add was a Volkswagen specialist didn't think I was going to pay and took ages to do the work. Saying that, I did get a free shower at servo in the middle of Australia once, what does that say???
Harry Earnshaw Luna-May Hart
Greg von Buchau Sprinter. Faster and better mileage than a Westy. Sorry Westy people. I've had four Westy's and one Sprinter and I'll take the Sprinter any day although I love the boxy style of the Westy.
Dawn Hammermeister 👍
Cathy Pietzsch Michael Pietzsch
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaThursday, January 12th, 2017 at 7:00pm

Don't forget to step outside and look up at the night sky tonight!

The full moon not only casts a beautiful light over the night but if you look close enough you can sea the moons 'seas' of frozen lava and sharp...

Koole Meadows Is it okay if I stay INside and look at the moon? It's freaking -23C outside!!! 😉❄️✨
Kathleen Hinegardner Funny - you don't have to go far to see such beauty. Enjoying the evening.
Abidan Martinez Yap I'm outside looking at it right now.
Maureen Daniel Wish I could, it's freezing rain.
Daniel Kawa I now.....
Larry Brown It's fri the 13th and a full moon , wow :}
Juliane Schardosim Looks this Mariana Lopes 😃😃
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaThursday, January 12th, 2017 at 12:37pm

NEW EPISODE: We turned our VW Bus Adventure Mobile into an Off Grid YouTUBE studio by building a powerwall from recycled laptop batteries...and then it blew up!

#offgrid #powerwall #solar...

Kathleen Hinegardner Really interesting episode - however, knowing the outcome of the battery build - it is tragic too.
Joseph Le Poet Borkovic ah man, this is electrocutionary... do you think it was the snails ?
Johnny El P Looks like a Breaking Bad episode
Peter Joy I guess my warning was too late 🙁
Rahn Thomas I'd really like to pick your brain, and be friends. I'm a nomad also, I have my own group about my travels. But I really enjoyed the way you present yours so much better. Please, send me a friend request or a msg. Thank you, Fellow Alaskan Traveler
Wazeer Karjieker Really great show. I hope you realise the reach it has. I am from south Africa. And bugs and busses and travels are a big deal here. Keep up your great show. I Always look forward to seeing more of it.
Dawn Hammermeister Quite a teaser at the end of the episode........"Leah leaving KombiLife". I guess it would be a bit cramped (and awkward) when Sharne returns. 😀
Hasta Alaska
Hasta AlaskaWednesday, January 11th, 2017 at 9:04am

The bedroom you WISH you woke up in this morning!

Kim Alexander Haaa that is so Cool Sam Alexander you would have .... what do i mean you would love this for your bedroom
Lindsey Debreyne Line Vandorpe nieuw bedde vo Mauro??? 😜
Susan McLean Love this
Delphine Guetat Pour toi Daryne Seba....
Jacky Lopez Jessica Fenley Triana ontjes ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Lisa Pommier Daniel Peyr Seaton Pommier David Peyr
Diane Jaksetic Breanna Bulfone
Emma Grant Edward Carter
Bruce Chilson Marlo Wyant
Gavin Huntley Ellys Parbutt
Patrīcija Pasīte Eliza Berzina
Tyler Jensen Kayla Fordham
Coralie Chou Clément Fargela j'adore ❤❤
Susi Lein Ingmar Neufeldt <3
Jenny Weigert Alex Lautenschlager


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K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeSaturday, January 21st, 2017 at 3:47am

🐕🐾 THAT MOMENT.. when you realise you slept right through the alarm clock 😲⏰

#imlateimlateforaveryimportantdate #ohmygoodness

Larry Brown What's an Alarm clock?
Emily Donham That gif is a terrified dog!'
Dorothy Middleton Hill 😊😊😊😊💖xx
K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeFriday, January 20th, 2017 at 3:57pm

In Belize we found an amazing cave. Factoid - bats smell worst than wet dog!

#travelwithadog #dogsandpals #nananabatman

K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeWednesday, January 18th, 2017 at 4:53am

🐕🐾 What do you mean, there's something on my face?
#goldencockerspaniel #wetdogs #beachliving

Dorothy Middleton Hill What a stunning picture xx
Lilian Irasema Pavon Arteaga She is so beautiful 💖
Kathleen Hinegardner Alaska is so WONDERFUL ! Have fun little dog.
K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeMonday, January 16th, 2017 at 5:20pm

That time when we were in Cancun. Colorful and happy, have a good day 🐕

K9 Adventure Time
K9 Adventure TimeFriday, January 13th, 2017 at 3:55pm

That looks like an awfully big adventure...

Dorothy Middleton Hill Enjoy it where ever it takes you xx