Let’s Save Oscar From Dying

Over the past 5 months Oscar and his family have been generous enough to share their house, food and water with myself, Ben and our dog Alaska. Now we want to return the favour.

Oscar has mouth cancer. Once a month he and Juana take a windy 9 hour bus ride to Guatemala City for chemotherapy, the total cost every month for transport, accommodation and the treatment is $890. After 4 hours of chemotherapy, the very next day, they are on a bus again. Blurgh, poor guy.

For a man that has worked his whole life for his family, not being able to provide is even more pain on top of the cancer. The whole family are working to help with the funds, leaving Juana and Oscar at home to raise their grandaughter. She even calls them mama and papi !

We have been recipients of many acts of kindness from less fortunate people on our travels, and we want to do all we can to return the good vibes/karmas! Whatever we raise will be a great help for this deserving family.We will be returning to Tapachula, Mexico in 2-3 months , so whatever money we have raised will be given to the family on our return.

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