Electric VW // The Future of Volkswagen

The ID Buzz

VW have just announced some exciting news! You might have heard a rumor about their all-electric vw bus that looks like an original-vw-bus-but-from-the-future. Well, they are actually going to put these buses into production in 2022.

This all electric bus will be marketed for people in various cities around the world where emissions regulations will have a huge effect on what vehicle you will be able to buy and drive.


Awesome Features

  • This electric VW will be an optional all-wheel drive, with motors at the front and rear axles
  • Unlike the original VW the I.D Buzz will meet modern crash safety standards
  • Looks like a compact cargo van on the outside but offers the interior space of a large SUV that can fit up to 8 people
  • The back seats can fold out into a bed
  • The driver seats can swivel 180 degrees
  • It will have more than ten times the power of the original camper and be capable of 0-60mph in just five seconds.
  • The battery will be able to get you around 270 miles between electricity charges
  • Apparently the battery can get 80% charge in just 30 minutes
  • It has a front boot – Just like the old Beetle



Futuristic Features

  • Fully automatic Wireless battery charging
  • Mood lighting
  • Retractable steering wheel
  • They will have a sensor system with 10 laser scanners to identify dangers for safer driving
  • The ID pass – Can store you and your passengers personal settings like music, seat position, inside temperature and will automatically adjust this all for you.
  • The foot pedals have got “play” and “pause” symbols  (Don’t know if we like this one)
  • It will offer Level 3 autonomous driving. Which means that the I.D. Buzz will handle the steering, braking, and acceleration on its own in certain scenarios. (What the hey?!)

Retractable Steering Wheel
yeah.. not too sure about these
The future is here

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So what to you all think?

Are you excited to see VW going electric?

Would you want to be driving one in the near Future?

Tell us what you think?