• Route Map

    Route Map

    Now you can see the route that our crazy adventures have taken us on. Check out this map, no wonder it takes us so long to get there.

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  • The Kombi is a thirsty vehicle

    Put Gas In Our Tank For FREE!

    In an ideal world we’d be have support from a sponsor so that we could focus on video production full-time…but we both know this is not an ideal world! Sourcing¬†the funds to keep our adventures rolling and our videos uploading is a constant struggle. ¬†From time to time someone will […]

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  • Kombi Life Privacy Policy

    Kombi Life Privacy Policy THE SHORT VERSION We only store contact information for people who sign up to our Newsletter or who place orders in our Store. We don’t store any credit card information as all payments are handled via 3rd party payment processors, i.e PayPal We don’t sell or […]

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  • Colombia – Overlanding

    Colombia – Overlanding

    We were super scared to enter Colombia, due to it’s fearsome reputation. But was it justified? There was only one way to find out.

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  • Ecuador Amazon Road Trip

    Ecuador Amazon Road Trip

    Visiting the Amazon Jungle has always been a dream, and we got to do it in Ecuador in a VW Bus convoy; and yes, it was as epic as you can imagine!

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