Building The Ultimate Aircooled Engine To Drive Around The World!

We are building the ultimate aircooled engine for our Around The World Adventure Travel Series. This is no small task and something that we would not be able to do alone; that’s why we teamed up with the best engine builders on the planet, CB Performance.

Best Aircooled Engine in The World
Mark Gen4 EFI Expert from CB Performance

Those of you who have followed our first travel series, “Hasta Alaska“, will know that during the 5+ years it took to drive our VW Bus overland from from Chile to Arctic Alaska we had to remove and rebuild our aircooled engine over 10 times.  This time it is going to be different, this time we’re building the ultimate aircooled engine for our World Expedition.

Trying to drive across the planet is not easy in any vehicle, never-mind one that is built on 1950s technology. To be honest, we are asking a lot of our bus Boomerang, however in this video you will learn how this aircooled engine is leveraging modern day technology to build the most reliable aircooled engine possible.

Ultimate Aircooled Engine
Pat Downs from CB Performance is one of the best engine builders in the world and currently holds the world record for building (and driving) the fastest naturally aspirated Volkswagen in the World

The ultimate Aircooled Engine is built for longevity and reliability, striking a balance between power and efficient cooling.  This Volkswagen Type 1 engine was designed and built by leading engine builder Pat Down of CB Performance. The engine of choice is 1776cc, due to the smaller bore proving better cooling ability whilst enabling stock crank sizing for better balance and reduced wear.

Due to the Gen4 Electronic Fuel Injection System and, primarily the use of the innovative Los Panchito Cylinder Heads, the engine makes 96 Horse Power on the Dyno whilst running extremely efficiently and not raising significant temperature under sustained load.

A dual-weight Flywheel was selected to assist with the inertia present on a heavily loaded expedition Bus and a full flow oil system including an oil filter, larger oil sump and an external oil cooler were added to increase the cooling capability of the engine.

Equipment Used to Build The Ultimate Aircooled Engine

* Please note a Type 4 – Type 1 Adapter plate is required to fit a Type 1 Engine into a Bus with a Type 4 Engine Bay.  Fuel Tank also requires replacing / modifying if upgrading from a Carb system to a EFI system

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