Off Grid Van Water System Diagram
Lockable Filler Cap40mm (1 1/2") Food Grade HoseMAIN WATER TANK (10 – 42 Gallons) (37 – 160 liters)Food Grade Hose 13mm (1/2”)Water Level GaugeNon Return Valve (check valve)Coarse FilterSHURFLO 3.0 GPM Water PumpSHURFLO Accumulator Tank½” Brass TeeWater Rated Solenoid½” Hose Check ValvePropane Instant Hot Water ShowerEco-Shower Head12V Momentary Foot SwitchACUVA UV Water Filtration SystemFold Down Mixer Tap / FaucetClick Here to Choose your Sink OptionGarden Hose Y ValveDrain hose and fittingDrinking / Grey Water Container (7 Gallons/ 26L)Collapsible Bucket

Lockable Filler Cap

Lockable Filler Cap on Amazon it has a 40mm hose and a 10mm breather for faster filling

40mm (1 1/2") Food Grade Hose

The water fill caps takes a 1.5" (40mm) food grade hose - Available on Amazon

MAIN WATER TANK (10 – 42 Gallons) (37 – 160 liters)

Food Grade Hose 13mm (1/2”)

Available on Amazon
All hoses are 1/2" (13mm) except drain hoses and the water tank fill hose

Water Level Gauge

Non Return Valve (check valve)

Coarse Filter

SHURFLO Accumulator Tank

½” Brass Tee

Water Rated Solenoid

½” Hose Check Valve

Propane Instant Hot Water Shower

Eco-Shower Head

12V Momentary Foot Switch

For Hands Free Operation of Sink.  (saves a lot of water)
Available on Amazon
(We upgraded to this one which is much better than the one shown in the video)

ACUVA UV Water Filtration System

Buy From ACUVA (USE CODE KOMBILIFE for $50 - $150* OFF)

*Amount of discount depends on the model chosen

Fold Down Mixer Tap / Faucet

Click Here to Choose your Sink Option

Garden Hose Y Valve

Drain hose and fitting

Drinking / Grey Water Container (7 Gallons/ 26L)

Collapsible Bucket